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Outdoor Kitchens 

N2 System

  Luxury & Minimal

In N2 is the origin of our outdoor kitchen systems.

Its characteristic skirted finish gives strength to the whole, generating a homogeneous, practical and functional block. Its minimalist design has generated trend and desire.

N2 is water: a system that can flow in space and adapt to it.

If you need special widths to adapt to a space, this is your ideal outdoor kitchen system. In addition, the possible finishes are counted by the hundreds. There is a possible combination for each house or client; You no longer have to settle for a color imposed by a brand or product, let your creativity fly with N2.

Novara N2 is total freedom, with hundreds of finishes, special measures and cooking systems for all tastes.

We can also add bars for stools and explore more possibilities as you like.